Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day and Grilled Pizza

Happy Mother's Day to Lenore, Ann, Tara, Heidi, Cindy, Caitlin, Julianne, Jeanine, Jeanne, Terri, Debi, Becky, Carolyn, Julie, Michelle, Lucille, Kimberly and Lucy!
Tonight for dinner we had one of my mom's go to meals for a Sunday night... Yes Pizza! She use to mix the dough early in the morning and then it would rise by the heat vent wrapped in a blanket all day. She and I would roll out the dough and add the tomatoes and herbs and cheese. She made like 4 at a time. Quite the assembly line.
Well tonight I added meatballs, still craving meat even after last night's dinner! But our pizza was grilled. Yes it was a lovely warm day so we took advantage of it and grilled our pizza. We added the meatballs and kalamata olives. On mine I added some of the zucchini we grilled last night. The shapes, well lets just say they were interesting. Anyway the crust was nice and crisp and not at all greasy.
I hope everyone enjoyed their mothers today or enjoyed the memories of their mothers like I did.

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Mr. Bill said...

Kitty is so pretty....and the pizza looks great also. I will have to try the grill for pizza soon.