Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pork with Leeks and White Wine

It is funny sometimes how dinners come together. Tonight for instance. I had taken pork cutlets out for last night's dinner but oops forgot about those scallops. Anyway we had the scallops last night so the pork was going to be tonight's dinner. Of course 6pm came around and I had not done anything to prepared. Busy day and all so dinner was on the back burner, sorry for the pun.

Earlier today I had sauteed some leeks for what I thought was going to be tomorrow, Monday, night's dinner. Pizza with Leeks and Fontina cheese. Are you following this so far. Well we are not having pizza tomorrow night. Sigh those scallops threw off my whole schedule.
Okay back to tonight's dinner. We have leeks and pork... sounds good so far. I dredged the pork in flour and browned it on both sides. I added the leeks and some white wine. Popped the pan in the oven for 15 minutes. Presto! Quite good if I do say so.
Side dishes. Roasted Artichokes with Prosciutto. Yeah that was interesting. Found the recipe on the Food and Wine site. Not bad but not sure I would make it again. It tasted fine but I was not blown away by it.

Another side dish was Jasmati Rice. Always good but this was perfect because it was pre-cooked and in the freezer. I had made a big batch the last time I made it and froze the extra. I had purchased frozen rice at Trader Joe's once and thought I could easily do that!

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