Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Thank You William Cullen

Who? The man who invented the freezer. If not for this person I have no idea what we would be eating this week.

This past weekend did not present any time to do cooking for the week. Saturday cleaning out my Dad's and Sunday at my sister's for Easter Dinner. What to do!

Monday was easy. We had leftover steak from our dinner at Friend's and Company on Saturday night, don't think I blogged about that. I picked up salad stuff so we had a nice Steak Salad for dinner.
Our favorite dressing...

Last night was from the freezer. Minestrone with Pork. This was amazing the first time we had it. It was just as delicious if not more delicious last night.

Tonight we had meat sauce. The note on the zip lock bag said, "Meat Sauce with Too Much Meat."
Seriously? Too much meat? Who has ever heard of such a thing. Beef shanks, sausage and ground beef. It was a perfect mid week meal.

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